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Rehab Services

Highland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center offers in-house professional Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy Services.

The dedicated staff of our rehabilitation department is focused on achieving your goals of independence and return to community activities adapted as necessary throughout life changes.

Our Team Approach always depends on your particular needs in order to determine goals and tailor the treatment plan to your desired outcomes.

Whether you are facing a long-term disease process or a short-term illness, our Therapy Team is committed to preserving your overall health and ability to return to the activities you love whether that is in your home or in a new environment.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is intervention for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disability, injury, or disease. Treatment focuses on improving balance, strength, mobility, and overall fitness as well as preventing falls and reducing pain. If you are having pain or difficulty with walking, getting in and out of bed, rising from a chair, or managing stairs and uneven surfaces, physical therapy may be important for you.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is treatment based on engagement in meaningful activities of daily life such as self-care skills, home management, or social interaction in order to enable or encourage participation in such activities despite impairments or limitations in physical or mental function. It is most beneficial if you are having difficulty with dressing, bathing, eating, cooking, cleaning, or participating in a hobby or work that you enjoy.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of speech-related disorders including the inability to produce certain sounds, speech rhythm and fluency problems, and voice disorders. Cognitive communication impairments, such as attention, memory, and problem solving disorders are also addressed in Speech Therapy. If you have swallowing difficulties or require a modified diet, this type of treatment may help to resolve or reduce these issues as well.